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Career & News Articles

Read through Execume's wealth of knowledge including articles on career management, resume tips, and featured 'In the News' articles by America's #1 resume writing expert, Gayle Oliver.

Career Management

2008-02-20 EXECUME profiled in the AJC
By: Laura Raines

10 Top Career Mistakes
2008-01-31 Career News for January 2008
By: Gayle Oliver & Laura Pettefer

Be Prepared, Be Proud
The advent of a new year gives each of us a chance to evaluate our...Read more
2007-07-06 Career News for July 2007
By: Gayle Oliver

Non-Compete Agreements
Our nation?s celebration of liberty and outdoor grilling is fast-approaching. Before I vacate my office...Read more
2007-07-06 Career News for June 2007
By: Gayle Oliver

Your Career Compass
I hope that the three-day Memorial weekend gave each of you a chance to relax,...Read more
2007-07-06 Career News for May 2007
By: Gayle Oliver

Preparing for Opportunities
For those of us in Hotlanta, the nickname proves all too true this week. ...Read more
2007-07-06 Career News for April 2007
By: Gayle Oliver & Laura Avalos

Earning a Halo
Bless You! (I thought I heard a Sneeze.) Sneezing is a part of...Read more
2007-07-06 Career News for March 2007
By: Gayle Oliver

Are You Interviewing?
I hope this note finds each of you doing well in 2007. There has...Read more
2006-05-05 Don't Get Lost in the Shuffle
By: Gayle Oliver

Today as I was squatting by my fax machine shuffling through resumes that had cascaded...Read more
2006-03-14 Radio interview with Gayle Oliver
By: Hosted by Ed Horrell, Talk About Service

Does your resume reflect who you are? (Audio)
2006-03-14 EXECUME profiled in the AJC
By: Laura Raines

Know yourself and your target to score an interview
2005-09-19 When it Rains, It Pours
By: Gayle Oliver

This is certainly true in Atlanta these days, but it is also true in the...Read more
2005-09-19 The Perfect Gift for College Grads
By: Gayle Oliver

Someone dear to you has finally earned that college degree, but does he/she know what...Read more
2005-06-27 You're Fired! ...What's Next?
By: Melinda Freels, SPHR

Getting fired or laid off is a major life event. Besides the initial panic about...Read more
2005-03-17 Tax Deductions for Job Search Expenses
By: Melinda Freels, SPHR

Did you know that certain job search related expenses can be a deduction against your...Read more

In the News

2002-05-26 For Success, Tell a ?Corporate Story?
By: By MARIA MALLORY for The Journal Constitution

Make r?sum? more than just a summary.
If you want to make an impression on a potential employer, offer a corporate story...Read more
2001-09-09 Laid off? Here's 'Job One'
By: Maria Mallory for The Journal-Constitution

Now more than ever, craft that winning resume.
Updating and refining your resume may not have been all that high on your to-do...Read more
2000-12-31 It's time to revamp that resume
By: Maria Mallory

Here's a resolution that can pay big dividends: You will craft your best - ever...Read more
2000-09-24 Catch - 22
By: Maria Mallory

How can you get experience when you can't get your foot in the door?
Duane Chattam thought he made all the right moves. Intent on leaving behind his job...Read more

Press Release

2006-04-15 Take a ?BlogBreak? with Execum? and
By: Debbie George

ATLANTA, April 2005 ? Gayle Oliver, President/CEO of Execum?, was recently selected by to...Read more

Resume Tip

2005-06-27 Resume Tip: Is Your Resume Destined for Deletion?
By: Melinda Freels, SPHR

Each day, staffing managers and recruiters are greeted with in-boxes full of resumes submitted by...Read more
2005-03-15 Resume Tip: Smart Cover Letters
By: Melinda Freels, SPHR

In today?s high-tech world, most resumes are submitted online. Because email tends to be impersonal...Read more
2005-01-20 Resume Tip: Support Your Soft Skills with Facts
By: Melinda Freels, SPHR

Some job seekers believe that personal characteristics do not belong on a resumes because they...Read more

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