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Take a ?BlogBreak? with Execum? and

AUTHOR:      Debbie George
PUBLISHED:  April 4, 2006

ATLANTA, April 2005 ? Gayle Oliver, President/CEO of Execum?, was recently selected by to be one of nine bloggers on BlogBreak, a new feature on the Web site.

Oliver?s entries appear every other week, and thus far have covered leveraging your own skills and ?human capital? and ?Two Sides to Every Coin? ? how your weaknesses can be strengths. Future topics could include how many pages your resume should be, a discussion on cover letters and the value of follow up.

Niketa Patel, Online Producer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said they launched BlogBreak as a way to reach new readers. ?We wanted to provide them with advice from experts, allow them to write in comments, and feel a bond. We wanted to establish a connection in a very interactive form,? she said.

Patel said the panelists represent a diverse group of experts, with Oliver serving as the resume expert. Patel added that she chose Oliver because of a story featuring Execum? that ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last November.

?I found the Execum? Web site, and Gayle?s actual blog, and it was very good. I thought she would bring a nice quality to what we are trying to do,? Patel said. ?We?re very excited to have Gayle on board ? she?s not only an expert, but she also has such a high level of commitment to the project.?

Oliver said she was honored to be chosen to participate in BlogBreak. ?My personal mission is to make a difference. I think that most people don?t know how to promote themselves, and self-promotion is the cornerstone of success in your career,? she said. ?I want to educate people, and the blog allows me to reach more people, and a potentially younger audience, with my acquired knowledge.?

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