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t's More Than a Resume, It's a Reflection of You
by Gayle Oliver

Edition: Paperback
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Rave Reviews!

Great Investment!
Reviewer: Cindy Wicklein from Boston, MA

My future's so bright I gotta wear shades! Thank goodness I found Execume! I was having a hard time getting interviews and decided to do a little research on resume writing. I followed the simple steps in the book and updated my resume into a powerful representation of myself! Many interviews followed. I was told that my resume stood head and shoulders above the rest and that I was immediately chosen to come in for an interview out of 700 other resumes submitted. I landed an amazing job shortly thereafter! But the best part of all of this is that Execume helped me increase my salary by $15,000!

Reviewer: Rick Willett from Atlanta, GA.

This book contains the action verbs, the resumes to write by industry, and sample cover letters to ensure the job hunter has the tools needed to be presented in the most favorable light to an employer. I rewrote my resume with this book and landed the opportunity I really wanted. This book will motivate anyone to succeed. I think this resume book is the best written I have seen because it is a complete source.

A no nonsense book on resume writing
Reviewer: Milton Willis from Atlanta, GA

I was fortunate to be in a Masters program at Georgia Tech and to have the opportunity to attend a session with Gayle Oliver as a guest speaker. If you are looking for the ultimate guide to writing a truly good resume, this is it.

GOOD DEAL, November 25, 2000
Reviewer: Mike Poole from South Dakota

What a great deal, this is not only a book, but also includes an interactive CD. Having the CD makes all the difference. It allows you to prepare your resume and cover letter using the examples provided by the author. Why struggle through this process when you can do it so simply and easily right on your computer with the CD.

Best Resume Book I have ever found
Reviewer: Lanaux Rareshide from Alpharetta, GA

Execume was purchased as a gift for my college age daughter. It is the single best book I have ever read on the subject.

Execume is different! The author is so positive. She helps the job searcher believe in himself/herself. The examples were great in fact the depth of entry- level resumes sold me on the book. However there is plenty for everyone. The author provides numerous examples by profession and format.

I would recommend Execume as a great guide to develop a resume. I only wish the book were available when I graduated from college or last changed jobs.

Finally! A Resume Book That Makes A Difference!
Reviewer: Marilynn T. Mobley from Atlanta, GA

This is the finest resume book I've ever seen. It is comprehensive, helpful and thoughtful, without seeming condescending. It goes far beyond the usual advice on what "power words" to use and actually shows you, through examples, how to develop a professional profile that truly reflects your skills. The exercises help you remember your past experiences, and will kick start your efforts at developing a resume that is unique and powerful. A CD ROM with over 75 resume samples and cover letters is included, which makes this book a real bargain. You can pay a professional resume writer hundreds of dollars to write for you, or you can just follow the author's advice and examples and probably end up with a better resume by using this book. Don't go looking for a new job -- and especially don't seek a new career without having read this first! It can help shorten your search. There's a lot packed into this 270+ pages! Don't miss a page!

Book Description

This leading-edge, interactive resume-writing tool which includes a workbook and CD-Rom provides guaranteed instant resume solutions. By offering an easy-to-use, self-guided process even a novice computer user can rapidly and effectively develop a powerful professional profile. With over 75 sample resumes and cover letters as well as thought-provoking exercises that help you recall your past experiences and define your unique qualifications, Execume helps individuals across all types of industries to communicate their talents and expertise with precision and impact. Execume can help you mobilize your career by taking a proactive and empowered approach to self-marketing and career management. It's a must-have career search tool for all of today's high-potential employees and emerging business leaders.

From the Publisher

One of the nation's top resume writing experts has finally revealed the basis of her success in helping clients break-through career barriers and rush ahead of their peers using her unparalleled resume strategies. It really is the number one resume book in the market - it's sleek and sophisticated, it's user-friendly, and it's action-oriented. In fact, Execume helps renew the reader's self-confidence and promises to be an invaluable career management tool.

From the Author

For years I've been creating resumes for impressive business leaders around the world . Consequently, I've learned how to successfully showcase the talents, expertise, and experience of all types of professionals across all industries. Eliminate your current perceptions about a resume and find out more about how to write an EXECUME. You have the power to take control of your career and take control of your life - but first you need the right tools. You could be missing professional and monetary rewards you've never imagined. This workbook and CD-ROM is a tool you can't afford not to have. Remember, it's more than a resume, it's a reflection of you.

From the Back Cover

Did you know that having a top-notch resume could shorten your job search from one year to two days? Did you know that a powerful resume could elicit a 90% interview response rate? Did you know that using a strategically-designed resume could help you double your salary? Did you know that certain resume formats can help you make a sought-after career transition? Did you know that the right resume used internally can help you surpass your peers and get that promotion you really want?

About the Author

Gayle Oliver is the President and Founder of EXECUMÉ, Inc., a career management firm headquartered in Atlanta. Her work has been acknowledged through an ever-expanding, international client base. Not only is Gayle one of the nation's foremost resume experts, but she is also a dynamic speaker, workshop facilitator, and published author who has appeared on multiple television and radio shows.

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